Conditions of Participation

The Championship regulations:

The competitions are carried out according to the rules of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) in the Masters category:
●     To compete in the championships are allowed men and women over 25, including amateur swimmers, sportsmen with disabilities, as well as sportsmen, who are not engaged in professional sports any more;
●     Each participant takes personal responsibility for his health. This is confirmed by signing the appropriate form/application;
●     The age categories of individuals are the following (the category of the participant is determined as of the 31st of December, 2018):

25-29 years of birth 1993-1989              60-64 1958-1954
30-34 1988-1984 65-69 1953-1949
35-39 1983-1979 70-74 1948-1944
40-44 1978-1974 75-79 1943-1939
45-49 1973-1969 80-84 1938-1934
50-54 1968-1964 85-89 1933-1929
55-59 1963-1959 90 and older 1928 and older


The age categories for the relays are the following:


●     Beside club teams also picked teams are allowed to compete in the Championships. The results of the picked teams are not taken into consideration in a team total. The team total counts the results of 10 relays of team relays.
●     Women are allowed to swim a leg in a men’s or combined relay.

According to the rules of swimming championships in masters category, a member of a relay has a right to participate in only one relay of a certain kind in one age category.

Mandatory commission
The members of the mandatory commission are:

Arbiter of the Championships, Chief secretary of the Championships, Referee of the Championships
President of the Gavrily4 Masters Swimming Club Zolotko V.E.
Captains of the teams

Regulations of participation in the Gavrily4 Cup team Championship:

Team squad — unlimited

The points of individuals in the team total are count according to the European program Splash Meet Manager 11.

The team total includes 30 best results, no more than 3 results of each participant, and the results of no more than 10 relays (the number of points in relays is doubled).


The Program of the Championships

      Day 1 (November 03)
       Day 2 (November 04)
400m Freestyle; women/men 4х50m Freestyle Relay (Mixed)
4х50m Mixed Medley Relay  400m Medley; women/men
50m Freestyle; women/men 50m Butterfly; women/men
200m Medley; women/men 50m Backstroke; women/men
50m Breaststroke; women/men 100m Freestyle; women/men
200m Freestyle; women/men 100m Breaststroke; women/men
100m Butterfly; women/men 200m Backstroke; women/men
100m Backstroke; women/men 200m Butterfly; women/men
200m Breaststroke; women/men 4х50m Medley Relay; women/men 
4х50m Freestyle Relay; women/men  800m Freestyle; women/men

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