Ladies and gentlemen!

Some news.

The first, at the request of management of CSKA 20.10 warm-up is transferred from 11-00 on 9-30. Start 10-30. The organizing committee agreed to such changes.
The second, rewarding of winners and prize-winners of competitions will take place on the left tribune in specially equipped zone without stopping heats.
The third, online translation of competitions will be organized. Friends, wives, grandsons will be able to look at all of us on a site of the tournament Corresponding Link will appear on October 15-16.
The fourth, payment of starting contributions will happen at the time of registration.
The fifth, and the most important, in Kiev Indian summer to last till October 20.
We wait for all of you in good health. Sports and cultural parts promise to be unforgettable!
See you again!


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